Bullseye !!!
Great Speeches, Great Results
A motivational and educational program
on Leadership
by Michael S. Gisondi

Not want to de-motivate your work group?

Do you want to avoid the trap of leader pontification?  

What words do you focus on to not become a human sleeping pill?

Are you one in authority that has a knack for saying the wrong thing
at the wrong time?
Need a

Make this a
refresher for
your group!

How did one visionary leader creatively propel mankind
to one of its greatest achievements?

Imagine emboldening others on the eve of one of the greatest
battles of all time ... what words inspired such a prolific victory?

What was it about one great communicator that brought
his bitter enemies to praise him as a friend?

Learn the brief words of a great healer and how history
was changed by the power of his ideas!

What are the 8 attributres of an inspiring leader?
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Great Speeches,
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"Wow!  What an excellent talk!  Mike, your points and
manner of dealing with leadership were quite unique.  
You really connected positively with the group both
personally and with your great historical perspective.  
And you kept us glued!”
              Jim Vanaman, American Quality Society